Yap Catholic High School

       Education in the Service of God and Others

Meet Our Team

Fr. Rich McAuliff, S.J.


Fr. Rich McAuliff, a Jesuit from the U.S. Northeast Province, has served in Micronesia for more than 30 years - in the Marshall Islands, in Chuuk, in Palau, and now in Yap, as Director of Yap Catholic High School.

Michael Wiencek


Michael Wiencek returns to YCHS for his third year as principal. Mr. Wiencek first came to Yap in 2012 when he was a member of the YCHS Volunteer Teacher Program for two years. After a year teaching at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School, he returned to Yap to continue to help the school achieve its mission of educating students to live their faith in the service of God and others. In addition to being principal, Mr. Wiencek also teaches Junior Chemistry. This year, he is incredibly excited to welcome so many new faces to the YCHS team as the school transitions towards having more local teachers for long term sustainability.

Brian Southwick

Director of College Counseling

Joining the staff at Yap Catholic High School this year as Director of College Counseling is Mr. Brian Southwick. Prior to joining the school, Mr. Southwick was employed as the Scholarship Coordinator for the State of Yap for almost eleven years. Originally from California, but calling Yap home for the last fourteen years, Mr. Southwick lives with his wife of nineteen years and two children. He is excited and humbled for the opportunity to prepare students at YCHS for their journey towards a post-secondary education, as well as teaching two classes, World History 12 and English Language Arts 11.

Fr. Tom Frink, S.J.


Fr. Tom was born in New Hampshire, of the US, north of Boston and spent twenty years working as an electrical engineer before joining the Jesuit order. During his time as a Jesuit, Fr. Tom has taught high school, worked in hospitals and prisons, and done missionary work in Trinidad, and India. He has served as pastor for parishes in Jamaica and the US, and has taught college and seminary courses in philosophy, theology, and psychology. Fr. Tom will be teaching Sophomore Religion and Senior PreCalculus.

Alex Greenshields

Faculty, Technology Coordinator

Alex Greenshields recently relocated to Yap with his wife and son from the small town of Ontario, Oregon. A former singer and actor, he has been raising his son and working as a writer and editor for a role-playing game company in Washington State for the last several years. He was born in Linz, Austria, and grew up there and in Berlin, Germany, and is a native German speaker. Mr. Greenshields is excited to be teaching at YCHS, and is looking forward to the many new experiences he will encounter working with the students and faculty there. He will be teaching Sophomore Geometry and Junior U.S. History along with serving as the Technology Coordinator.

Teresita Laarwon


Teresita Laarwon was born and raised on this beautiful island of Yap. She feels blessed to be a part of the YCHS family this school year. She is looking forward to the many great things that are in store for us this year. She is confident that the school community will continue to thrive and our students will continue to succeed in all that they do, at school and where ever they may go.  Miss Teresita is teaching Freshmen Religion and Sophomore Micronesian History.

Joshua T. Libyan


Joshua T. Libyan is joining Yap Catholic High School this new school year after nearly eight years as a Public Information Officer at the Department of Youth & Civic Affairs of the Yap State Government. Teacher Libyan is a graduate of Xavier High School – Micronesia. He will be teaching Freshmen Micronesian History and Biology for the sophomores. Teacher Libyan will also be facilitating club activities for gardening, journalism and the yearbook.

Christiane McCabe


Christiane McCabe was born and raised in New York, USA. She attended a Catholic elementary school before attending high school at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Ms. McCabe went on to study at Bates College, where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology. Following Bates, Ms. McCabe moved to Norway, where she attended the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and received a Master’s of Science in Petroleum Geoscience. Ms. McCabe’s studies have brought her around the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and she is excited to share the world of math and science in her classroom. She will be teaching Freshmen Earth Science, Junior Algebra II/Trigonometry, and Senior Physics.

Demetria Mtag

Faculty, Administrative Assistant

Demetria Mtag is from the Island of Yap. She graduated from Yap Catholic High School in the year of 2016. After two years at Creighton University, she is taking a year off from college to save up money and be with her family before continuing with her college career. Demi will be working with the Senior Religion course along with serving as YCHS’ administrative assistant.

Natalie Petit


Natalie Petit is from New York and is a recent graduate of Fordham University. As a result of growing up in New York and having traveled around the world, she has become fascinated with and appreciative of all of the cultures that the world has to offer. With a Bachelor’s in Art History, Ms. Petit dedicated her college years to learning and understanding the cultural accomplishments of human civilization. Having received a Catholic education for the entirety of her schooling, Ms. Petit is extremely grateful and blessed for the outstanding schooling, role models, and discipline that her teachers have provided her with. She is very excited to be teaching here at Yap Catholic High School and hopes to pass on her knowledge, appreciation and importance of a Catholic education to her students! Ms. Petit will be teaching Freshmen ELA, Sophomore Literature, and Senior ELA.

Gilippin Pongliyab


Gilippin Pongliyab, known to her students as Ms. Gail, found one of her true passions as a teacher at the Yap Catholic High School. Born and raised in Yap, Micronesia, Ms. Gail ventured far from home to gain new experiences and ideas after high school. In 2005, she acquired a BA in English from the University of California, Northridge. Since 2013, she’s had the fortune of working with dedicated staff and faculty at Yap Catholic High School. Ms. Gail teaches Literature to the Freshman, Junior and Senior classes.

Helen Tolan


Helen Tolan is a graduate of two Jesuit institutions, Loyola School in New York City and Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is very excited to teach Freshman Algebra, Sophomore ELA, and Junior Morality. She is also looking forward to getting to know the YCHS students, especially her freshman homeroom class. In the coming months, she hopes to get involved with various clubs and sports teams and to learn more about the Yapese culture. 

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