As a college preparatory high school, Yap Catholic High School offers a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare students for the rigors of higher education.  All of our courses are taught at the honors level, with the exception of our math courses which are divided into regular courses and honor courses. 

The goal of our academic program is to prepare our students today for the world of tomorrow. At the center of our philosophy is the Ignatian tradition of educating the mind and the heart.  As our mission statement claims, we strive to educate young women and men who "live their faith in the service of God and others." 

Curriculum Overview

While striving for academic excellence, YCHS students are challenged with a curriculum of core courses. Below is a general outline of our academic program:

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Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
  Grade 12
 Algebra I / Honors Algebra I
 Geometry / Honors Geometry
Algebra II / Trigonometry 
PreCalculus / Calculus
 Earth Science
 Social Studies
Civics & Geography
Micronesian History
 U.S. History
World History 
 Religion 9: Our Catholic Faith
Religion 10: Jesus of History, Christ of Faith 
Religion 11: Morality 
Religion 12: Sacred Scripture 
 Literature 9
 Literature 10
 Literature 11
 Literature 12
 English Language 
Arts 9
English Language 
            Arts 10 
 English Language
Arts 11
English Language 
Arts 12

Additional courses offered throughout the curriculum include:

Supplementary Math Review (9), Algebra Review (10), Silent Reading (9,10,11,12), Physical Education (9,10,11,12), Art (10,11), Student Skill Building (9,12), Computer Literacy (10), Health (9,10), SAT Prep (11), College Counseling (12), Life Skills (12)

All students also participate in a four-week long summer session each year which includes intensive Math and English courses in the mornings and various activities, sports, and clubs in the afternoons.

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