Volunteer Program: 

Background Information

Looking to do a year or two of service?

Yap Catholic High School offers a unique international cultural immersion experience through our Volunteer Program.  Volunteers teach three academic classes at Yap Catholic High School in a small classroom environment.  With ongoing support and mentoring from the school administration,  along with bright, eager students who are excited to come to school each day, YCHS is the perfect place to learn how to teach.

Our volunteers live in a small, intentional community located in a local village which is only a two minute drive from the main town (Colonia) and a ten minute drive from our school campus.  Volunteers have the opportunity to become immersed in the traditional local culture.  Each year, the volunteer community is given the opportunity for regular faith sharing and reflection with tremendous support from the local Jesuit community.

Volunteers also help to moderate and coach clubs and sports activities, including campus ministry.  Many volunteers have even started up new clubs and organizations based on their unique interests and talents.

If you are interested in learning more about our Volunteer Program, please e-mail Principal Michael Wiencek at ychsprincipal@gmail.com

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