Yap Catholic High School Announces Student Honorees For 2nd Quarter Of School Year 2018-2019

Posted on January 21, 2019 at 10:10 PM

LAMER, Yap — Yap Catholic High School concluded the first semester of school year 2018-2019 on December 14, 2018 after three days of midterm exams. The school community has been hard at work for the second semester since January 3, 2019. On January 10 & 11, 2019, the school gathered at the chapel to award students with perfect attendance and academic honors from the previous quarter.

In the 2nd Quarter, 63 students received Perfect Attendance Honors for being at school and on time every single day of the second quarter. The overall attendance rate for the 2nd Quarter was an impressive 99.55%, compared to the 1st Quarter’s 99.27%.

In addition to Attendance Honors, 45 students earned Academic Honors during the 2nd Quarter, compared to 41 students during the 1st Quarter.

The following 30 students earned Second Honors:

Class of 2022; 11 Freshmen

Liberty Faimau, Joshua Derek Falow, Jocelyn Kugum, Aloysius Juniior Lubumow, Chastity Shelby-Joy Minginug, Andrew Ruepong, Sean Southwick, Maya Tamngig, Tilo Trux, Aurora Walag, Nadley Monique Yow

Class of 2021; 9 Sophomores

Demirose Digow, Jarvis Falow, Alice Fidngamang, Marrisa Gilyoochen, Megan Tinan, Teressa Wagthuth, Maselyann Ciarrah Yangmog, Tia Yateng, Anthony Yinug

Class of 2020, 4 Juniors

Jonathan Mitsur, Vincent Jr. Mwailiuyalo, Zoe Nepomuceno, Jenalyn Tamangided

Class of 2019, 6 Seniors

Jennaia Chonmon, CeeCee Keppin, Marciarose Matnan, Ashley Rapgeg, Tristan Ruway, Jaimaleen Waayan

The following 15 students earned First Honors:

Class of 2022, 1 Freshman

Tiningmow, Scarlette

Class of 2021, 9 Sophomores

Trinity Edilyong-Reichhardt, BrieAnndah Foruw, Gabrina Garangmau, Aileen Leanndra Lubumow, Perfi Angeli Talaid, Eliana Tinngig, Ryianna Torwan

Class of 2020, 4 Juniors

Alexander Ernest Agapito, Jovendra Rabolaatman, Trevor Talimeluw, Zedikiah Young-Uhk

Class of 2019, 3 Seniors

Johanne Faye Arao, Roselyn Beltran, Julia Ranganbay

Congratulations to all of the hardworking students for another great quarter! Thank-you for your perseverance as you continue to give your best effort in the second semester.

Some exciting upcoming events this semester include the Come & See Day on February 9th, where students tour visitors around campus; the annual Evening of Prose & Poetry on March 15th; and the Under the Tree Music Showcase on May 3rd.

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