Second Quarter Honors

Posted on January 16, 2016 at 4:10 PM


     YCHS celebrated second-quarter student achievements during Friday morning’s Honors Assembly. YCHS Board member Father John Hagileiram, S.J., spoke to the students and then handed out their awards. Father John began from a historical perspective, mentioning the first school in Yap and the founding of Xavier High School 65 years ago in Chuuk. He went on to say that graduates of those schools have become leaders across the FSM. He encouraged the YCHS students to be among the first graduates to come back to Yap and serve as leaders, especially in roles such as priests, sisters, and teachers.


     Father John thanked the YCHS faculty for the many sacrifices they make. He encouraged the students to trust their teachers and work together with them. Fr. John used the example of crabs in a bucket. “If there’s more than one crab,” he said, “they will never achieve their goal of getting out of the bucket. They work against each other. Once one crab starts to climb out, another pulls on it and brings it back down into the bucket.” He warned the students about working against each other and said that by working together, they will eventually achieve their goals.


     Fifty-two students, 73 % of the student body, earned Perfect Attendance Awards by being at school and on time every day during the second quarter. (As of the end of the second quarter, the school-wide attendance rate stood at 99.9%.) Thirty-nine students earned Second Honors by achieving a grade of 80% or higher in all classes.


     Nineteen students from all four years received First Honors – average of 90% or higher in all classes. Achieving First Honors were: Johanne Arao, Roselyn Beltran, Jennaia Chonmon, Ashley Lewaletang, Marcia Matnan, Julia Ranganbay, Tristan Ruway, Jaimaleen Waayan, Hans Banua, Renee Choorang, Bryan Bomtam, Jalani Gootinmutnguy, Shawn Libyan, Natasha Loochaz, Blossom Moofal, Rozeanne Ruema, ‘Cisco Yarofalyango, Jancely Harongreg, and Kobe Sacres. 18 of the 19 First Honors students also earned Perfect Attendance. Congratulations!




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