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First Quarter Honors

Posted on October 23, 2015 at 5:20 PM

      Yap Catholic High School recently celebrated its First Quater Awards Ceremony during the school's Morning Assembly.  School principal Father Corcoran, S.J. congratulated the student body for achieving a record number of both academic and attendance awards. 

     Thirty-six students (49% of the entire school) earned Second Honors by achieving a grade of 80% or higher in all six academic classes.  A school-record twenty-six students (35% of the student body) earned First Honors for the quarter by earning 90% or higher in all their classes.  Sixty-three students (85% of school) also achieved Perfect Attendance by being at school and on-time every day.

     Winners of First Honors were:  Johanne Arao, Roselyn Beltran, Jennaia Chonmon, CeeCee Keppin, Marciarose Matnan, Julia Ranganbay, Tristan Ruway, Nicholas Untun, Hans Banua, Samantha Gilinug, Jollynn Gilyoochen, Giselle Giyetinag, Quinnie Paag, Zoya-Marie Sigeyog, Elizabeth Biyou, Bryan Bomtam, Alora Finey, Jalani Gootinmutnguy, Maia Lesarof, Natasha Loochaz, Blossom Moofal, Rozeanna Ruema, 'Cisco Yarofalyango, Marcy Kentun, Demetria Mtag, and Kobe Sacres.

    Pictured below are the First Honors winners with Father Corcoran.  Congratulations!

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