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Waayan & Paag Win Essay Contests

Posted on October 15, 2015 at 8:00 PM

     Two YCHS students, senior Jersaleen (“Jersy”) Waayan and sophomore Quinntiara (“Quinnie”) Paag, recently earned first place honors in a state-wide essay contest. Quinnie won the top award for the freshman/sophomore level, and Jersy’s essay was the best in the junior/senior division. Fellow senior Demetria (“Demi”) Mtag's entry finished third.

     Quinnie’s essay focused on the importance of clean water for our island, pointing out that various forms of pollution often have negative effects on water supply. She also wrote about the use of ditches and dams to control water flow and the importance of clean water tanks and effective water filtration systems. Jersy’s essay focused in on the problem of land erosion. She wrote about various ways Yapese people use both rocks and trees to control erosion – in gardening, along river banks, and in our coastal areas. Jersy encouraged local people to continue working hard to care for the natural resources of our island.

     Congratulations Jersy, Quinnie, and Demi! All three are pictured below.

YCHS Welcomes New Class

Posted on August 1, 2015 at 8:00 PM

       YCHS has officially welcomed the newest members of the school community -- the class of 2019.  As the final step in the extensive Admissions Process that began in the early spring, twenty-two freshman candidates were invited to the Summer Session during the month of July.  At the end of the Summer Session, Father Corcoran (YCHS Principal) announced during Morning Assembly that all twenty-two candidates had been accepted into the new freshman class.  Upperclassmen and faculty congratulated and welcomed the new class with thunderous applause.

       The YCHS class of 2019 is made up of Johanne Arao, Roselyn Beltran, Jennaia Chonmon, Ignatius Defngin, Angelika Faimau, Kaylord Finey, Sasha Gapthey, Stephanie-Zoya Gurtmag, CeeCee Keppin, Ashley Lewaletang, Glimmer Marpa, Marciarose Matnan, Cyril Moofel, Julia Ranganbay, Ashley Rapgeg, Tristan Ruway, Clancy Sewemor, Jayvie Taruweliut, Anita Tman, Nicholas Untun, Jaimaleen Waayan, and Joshua Yilon.  Congratulations!

       Pictured below is the new freshman class.


New Scholars Named

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 5:45 AM

       YCHS recently announced the winners of its four full-tuition scholarships for the 2015-2016 school year.  All four scholarships, funded by an anonymous donor, are named for Jesuits associated with the founding of YCHS.  Freshman Johanne Arao is the new Father Michael Corcoran Scholar.  Father Corcoran was the first Principal and Director of YCHS when it opened in 2011.  Sophomore Hans Banua was named the Father John Mulreany Scholar.  Father Mulreany was one of the original founders of YCHS and now serves as College Counselor, Assistant Director, and member of the teaching faculty.  Natasha Loochaz is the new Father John Hagileiram Scholar.  Father John H was the Jesuit Regional Superior of Micronesia when the original planning process for the school took place.  Senior Kobe Sacres was named the Father David Ciancimino Scholar.  Father Ciancimino was the Provincial of the New York Province who missioned the first Jesuits to YCHS and was the commencement speaker at its first graduation.

       Four YCHS students have also earned Habele Scholarships for the 2015-2016 school year.  Freshmen Glimmer Marpa and Jennaia Chonmon, junior Francis ('Cisco) Yarofalyango, and senior Decyann Pete were all chosen by the Habele Outer Island Educational Fund to receive 75% scholarships.

Pictured below are Fr. Mulreany with Hans, Natasha, and Kobe; Fr. Corcoran with Johanne and her parents; and the four Habele Scholars (Glimmer, Jennaia, 'Cisco, and Decyann).  Congratulations!



Mr. Nolan Featured

Posted on June 20, 2015 at 3:20 PM


     Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J., has finished a two-year regency as a teacher and college counselor at Yap Catholic High School. He was recently featured in the Jesuit Northeast Province website’s “Year of Consecrated Life” column. Each week, a different Jesuit shares his reflections on why he is happy to be a Jesuit. Mr. Nolan entered the Jesuits in 2008 and pronounced Vows in 2010. He has recently returned to the U.S. to begin theological studies in preparation for priestly ordination. Here is what Mr. Nolan wrote:


"What makes me happy to be a religious today?"


Coconut palms and hibiscus flowers welcome students as they walk down our driveway to the administration building. Before reaching one of their classroom verandas, they pass by two offices: one for the principal and another with college pennants in the window. At a school with no PA system and no hall passes -- or halls -- I have to find creative ways to catch up with students as their college counselor. When the students walk by, I slide open my office window with a big hello, and ask if they could come inside to pick up an acceptance letter or check their email. Soon thereafter, the seniors would just hand in forms through the window -- a drive-thru college counseling practice!

What makes me happy as a regent at Yap Catholic High School are the variety of ways that I get to know and to serve our 65 students. At one point this year I was teaching every one of them in addition to coaching them in drama and basketball and helping them with the college process.


On Friday afternoons, I usually need to hand back essay edits, so I simply stick my head out the window and wait while every student passes on the way to the bus. They say, "Goodbye" or "Make good decisions this weekend, Mr. Nolan," with a laugh, since that is our hope for them. I'm reminded that because of my "good decision" to enter the Jesuits and the abundant grace I've received from the Lord since making it, I am able to teach these wonderful students on this beautiful Pacific island.

Earlier in the year, Father Mulreany, S.J., was also featured. To read his response, click on the following link:



Thank you Mr. Nolan and Fr. Mulreany for the many ways you have served the people of Yap!


Legislature Honors Jesuits

Posted on May 31, 2015 at 7:25 PM

A resolution of the Ninth Legislature of the State of Yap, First Regular Session 2015 (Resolution no. 9-12), was recently adopted. Printed below is the entire resolution:


A resolution expressing the appreciation and congratulations of the people of the State of Yap to Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J., Fr. John Mulreany, S.J., and Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J. for their efforts and assistance with Yap Catholic High School (YCHS).


WHEREAS, the Catholic community in the State of Yap has been working towards and envisioning a high school, based on Catholic faith, to provide our children with a well-rounded education, with emphasis on academics and this has been the hopes and goals of numerous people in our community over a period of years; and

WHEREAS, in 2011, Yap Catholic High School (YCHS) was finally established and open after years of efforts by many communities in the State of Yap, and most especially through the hard work of Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J., Fr. John Mulreany, S.J., and Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J., who were kindly sent by their superiors to assist in the effort; and

WHEREAS, this new high school was opened to serve the students and people of Yap and create an opportunity for superior qualifications in secondary education and further as a college preparatory institution striving for excellence in academic standards; and

WHEREAS, in the recent 2014 evaluation by the FSM Accreditation Team, YCHS is the only school in the FSM to receive the highest rating of level 4, which means meeting and exceeding the standards of education put forth by the National Government, and Yap Catholic High School received a National Special Certificate of Achievement as a result; and

WHEREAS, the accomplishments and success of YCHS and its students are directly attributed to the hard work of the staff and faculty, under the leadership of Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J., with the close assistance of Fr. John Mulreany, S.J., and Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J.; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J. joined the YCHS faculty in 2013 and will be leaving in 2015 to continue on his good works elsewhere; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Ninth Legislature of the State of Yap, First Regular Session, 2015, that the Legislature hereby expresses the appreciation and congratulations of the people of the State of Yap to Fr. John Mulreany, S.J., Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J., and Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J. for their efforts and assistance with Yap Catholic High School (YCHS); and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature, on behalf of the people of the State of Yap, specifically extends the best regards and farewell to Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J. and expresses that he is welcome to visit and come back in the future; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Resolution be transmitted to Fr. John Mulreany, S.J., Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J., Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J., the Governor of the State of Yap, the Chairman of the Council of Pilung, and the Chairman of the Council of Tamol.


Adopted : May 20, 2015

Many thanks to Senators Nicholas Figirlaarwon, John Mooteb, and Ted Rutun for proposing the resolution.



Carvers Create Canoe

Posted on May 22, 2015 at 3:25 PM




    This past May, the YCHS Carving Club completed the model canoe they’ve been working on since last November. The canoe is named “The Flying Proa,” a name inspired by the name of the school sailing team, “The Flying Proas.” The Carving Club was started last year by volunteer teacher Patrick Kelly, and was taken on this year by volunteer Alex Lupo. The student members of the club are Francis (‘Cisco) Yarofalyango, Rheena Yirimyad , Annalyn Tareg, Demetria Mtag, and Decyann Pete. The club met once a week as they worked hard to complete the canoe before the school year finished. Progress was slow but steady, and the students eventually reached their goal. (They even came to school on Saturdays to ensure that the canoe was finished in time.)

    Direction for the canoe was provided by two local men (Larry Raigetal and Carlos Yarofaireg ) who are members of Waa’gey, a local NPO dedicated to emphasizing the importance of traditional Yapese arts and culture. The Flying Proa now proudly hangs in the school’s administration building as a testament to the students’ hard work and Yapese culture.


Pictured below are Mr. Lupo, Larry, Carlos, and the student members of the Carving Club. 

(Decyann not pictured.)




Mooteb Wins Scholarship

Posted on May 17, 2015 at 2:15 PM

   Jamilyn Mooteb (YCHS class of 2015) was recently awarded the Bank of Guam Bankon Ifit Scholarship. Ms. Joan Pinerof, Bank of Guam Yap branch manager, visited the YCHS Morning Assembly on Friday to present the award in front of the entire YCHS student body. Jamie’s parents were also on hand to congratulate her.

  The Bank of Guam Scholarship is extremely competitive, open to graduating seniors from Guam, FSM, CNMI, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Palau, and San Francisco who will be attending an accredited four-year college. Five winners each receive $2,000 toward their college studies and a paid internship at the Bank of Guam. Jamie will be attending St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia as part of their McNulty Scholars Program and will spend the summer as an intern at the Yap branch of the Bank of Guam.

  To read more about all of this year’s winners, see the bank's official press release at:  www.bankofguam.com/custom/fi/bankofguam/fb/disclosure/2015-IFIT-Scholarship-Awardees-Named.pdf

 Pictured below with Jamie and her parents are Bank of Guam representatives as well as YCHS principal Father Corcoran.  Congratulations Jamie, and thanks to the Bank of Guam for supporting high school scholars!




"Guitar Showcase" Success

Posted on May 10, 2015 at 6:35 PM

  On Friday evening, YCHS students and volunteer teachers treated hundreds of guests to a wonderful evening of entertainment on the Lamar campus.  The first act, performed as the sun was setting, featured eleven different numbers, performed by students from all years.  After a brief intermission, the second act continued with six more student performances, once again on the oudoor stage under the center-of-campus tree.  The evening was brought to a close with an energetic rendition of "What's Up?"  by the YCHS volunteer teachers.

   Special thanks to all the performers, to Mr. Lupo and Mr. Sauvageau for their tireless guidance and coaching, and to Loyola University of Chicago and  Fordham University for donating tee shirts.  Pictured below is the entire cast of YCHS student performers.  (For more photos, click on the "Photo Gallery" link above.)


Mtag Wins Award

Posted on April 7, 2015 at 2:35 PM

   Demetria (Demi) Mtag of the YCHS class of 2016 recently earned thrid place honors in a state-wide essay contest as part of World Water Day.  Demi's essay, "Water as a Friend," began with a reference to a famous saying: "Dog may be man's best friend, but water is everyone's friend."   Her essay went on to talk about the centrality of water in our everyday lives and the importance of conserving water, especially during the traditional dry season here in Yap.  Demi spelled out some specific strategies for conservation -- relying on well water, avoiding overuse of water when showering and cleaning dishes, and being careful to notice and fix water leaks.

   Demi received her third place certificate and prize at the Colonia Community Center, in front of a large crowd of students from across the island.  As a freshman, Demi won first place in the state-wide Marine Life Essay Contest.  She is pictured below with her junior ELA teacher, Mr. Patrick Nolan, S.J.  Congratulations Demi!

Prose and Poetry Success

Posted on March 28, 2015 at 4:00 PM



    On Friday evening, March 20th, laughter echoed across the YCHS campus as students, faculty, and visitors were delighted by outstanding performances in our Third Annual Evening of Prose and Poetry. Father Mulreany and Mr. Mailen helped the student speakers choose their pieces and then spent weeks coaching them on their delivery skills.


    Jamie Mooteb and Miranda Pugurwag shared the “Best Speaker” award, while freshman Hans Banua was voted “Best Novice Speaker.” Congratulations to all the performers and their coaches (pictured below), and thanks to all our guests.


The twelve student performances were as follows:


1. Anthony Yinug, Carlson Villaruel, and Hans Banua reading “Click, Clack Moo, Cows that Talk,” by Doreen Cronin.


2. Decyann Pete reading “The Enchanted Toad,” by Judy Corvallis.


3. Selena Catherine Tafnag reading “The Driving Instructor,” by Bob Newhart.


4. Sarah Alcantara and Maia Lesarof reading “The Cat in the Hat” by Doctor Seuss.


5. Jamilyn Mooteb and Miranda Pugurwag reading “The Creation of the World and Other Business,” by Arthur Miller.


6. Jalani Gootinmutnguy and Alora Finey reading “Who’s on First?” by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.


7. Samantha Gilinug and Mellennia Falabtir reading a selection from “Sideways Stories from the Wayside School” by Louis Sachar.


8. Hans Banua reading a selection from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” by Roald Dahl.


9. Jalani Gootinmutnguy and Blossom Moofal reading a selection from “The Drowned Man,” by Neil Simon.


10. Laura Layan, Jenal Ligow, Demi Mtag, Jersey Waayan, Decyann Pete, Kobe Sacres, Annalyn Tareg, and Miranda Pugurwag reading “Disney Moms’ Group Therapy,” by Mo Gaffney and Katy Najimy.


11. Annalyn Tareg and Kobe Sacres reading a selection from “The Marriage Counsellor” by Tyler Perry.


12. April Laabrug and Joslyn Tamanyon reading “The Funeral Parlor,” by Christopher Durang.